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Research Areas

  • ・Information processing in living neuronal circuits
  • ・Neuro-Robot (including pattern recognition)
  • ・Neuronal regeneration techniques
  • ・Biological science
  • ・Human-machine interaction such as BCI (Brain-Computer Interface)
  • ・Development of the system to measure brain waves(electronic circuit)
  • ・Psychological research
  • ・Brain science using planaria(aquatic animal)
  • ・Intelligent robotics regarding e-puck(small mobile robot)


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関西学院大学 理工学部 人間システム工学科

〒669-1337 三田市学園2丁目1番地 関西学院大学理工学部

Laboratory for Neuronal Intelligence Engineering
Department of Human System Interaction, School of Science and Technology,
Kwansei Gakuin University,
2-1 Gakuen, Sanda, 669-1337, Japan




cul.pngNeuronal Intelligence Engineering

Neuronal intelligence engineering is discipline for the integrated fields of as follows;
1.Neuro-Dynamics, research for the dynamics of electrical activity in a neuronal network
2.Conventional neuroscience and cell biology.
3.Neurorobotics, Bio-robotics hybrid system in which a living neuronal network is connected to a robot body via control rules, corresponding to agenetically provided interfaces between a brain and a peripheral system.
4.Cognitive science, researches for correlations between neuronal signals and cognitive functions.
5. An engineering for artificial environments for neurons.
These research fields tightly associate each other, and form a nobel intelligence engineering.

The aim researches is to elucidate relationship between dynamics of neuronal network and brain information processing. The study includes analyses of spatio-temporal pattern of electrical activity in rat hippocampal cells cultured on a multi-electrode array dish or acute slice of basal ganglia.